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Spring Colour Collection

Japanese Tile World

Bringing you fresh colours like budding grass and flowers!

The lovely 22.5mm mosaic looks like a small flower

With its small size and its wide variety of colours, HURNING seems to represent the flowers of spring.
Gentle yellow like dandelions, pale pink like peach blossoms, and bright blue like nemophilas, the rich colour palette will add a touch of brilliance to your space.

YOHEN BORDER is a tile with a traditional glaze and a distinctly Japanese look. Each piece has a different appearance and rich colouring.


The mixed shades of green and light blue are as refreshing as the sprouting greenery that emerges from the melting snow in early spring.

Hues that feel the brightness of spring

IZUMO Special Color

IZUMO is characterized by two concave shapes in a row, and the light reflecting off the tiles is eye-caching.

These colours are special order, the pastel but vivid hues are ideal for expressing the bright and cheerful atmosphere of spring.

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